7 Tips To Help Throw The Perfect Super Bowl Party

With Super Bowl LI a little over two weeks away, here are the top 7 tips to help you throw the perfect party. Whether you are in Houston, TX tailgating the live game or miles away watching from the comfort of your home, these tips will have all of your guests feeling the spirit of Sunday football.

First and foremost, make sure you have the best TV. No one wants to watch the most important game of the season on a tiny screen. Place the TV in an optimal position so as many as your guests can watch as possible. You can have the best decorations and food, but if no one can actually watch the game, your party becomes pointless. (photo credit- Atlanta Integrated Systems)

We can all admit that the four-hour long game can be a little tedious. One of the best ways to keep the day entertaining is host Prop Bets. The most popular betting type is Super Bowl squares.  Recruiting party goers to join your pool will be a breeze since everyone will want to win the pot of money in the end. (photo credit- Daniel X O’Neil via Flickr)

Decorations. Buy everything in the two team’s colors. Huge banners, streamers, football cutouts, and balloons are always hits and can bring the team spirit to any room. Game day pins or washable face tattoos are another popular spirit accessory to get the guests involved.  (photo credit- pinterest)

Another essential part of your perfect Super Bowl party is the seating. Make sure there are enough seats surrounding the tv so that everyone can enjoy the game comfortably.  (photo credit- ISTOCK/TODOR TSVETKOV)

No one wants to be washing dishes in the middle of the excitement so buy paper or plastic plates, cup and cutlery for your convenience. This will also guarantee you will have enough for everyone.  (photo credit- Catch My Party) 

The drinks. The worst thing that could happen is you run out of the favorite party drinks and have to travel to the store in the middle of the game. Be sure to stock your bar with more than enough. Have coolers full of ice to keep them cold and strategically place them so the guests won’t have to miss much of the game when they get up for another. (photo credit- Porch Advice)

The number one thing that makes any Super Bowl party perfect is the food. This is the biggest game day of the year so be sure to present a spread of all your favorites, like wings, fries, burgers and more.The more extensive and endless your snack selection is, the better your party will be.  (photo credit- NY Daily News)

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