Best Alcohol to Go With Your Barbecue

Let’s be real, an ice-cold beer always puts the icing on the cake when it comes to barbecue. There’s nothing we love more than a cooler full of cold ones to pop open when the grill gets going. As much as we love the first sip of a cold one, there is much more than just beer when looking for the best drink to complement your barbecue plate.

We all know the typical go-to rules, red wine with red meat and white wine with meat, but if you are feeling frisky shoot for the “steak and whiskey”! Why not get a little rebellious next time you choose a drink to enjoy with your meat! However, if you are a wine lover, we’ve got some insight on which ones to pair with your steak. It’s all about the cut of the meat, the seasoning, and how it’s cooked to find the best complement to your food. As long as you love it, then enjoy it! Here are some options to add a little flavor to those taste buds.

Serious Eats says, “To pick the wine that will complement your beef, consider the cut and level of doneness of the steak. If you prefer a leaner steak like filet mignon or some cuts of sirloin, look for a wine with a bit less tannin, because the steak will not have enough fat to soften it. However, a cut with more fat, like ribeye, New York strip, or skirt steak can handle a more brawny wine.”

Beer –  stray away from the cheap stuff, indulge yourself with a nice pale ale.

Tequila – Nothing goes better with a margarita than a little Carne Asada

(Source: Modern Margarita)

A steak cooked to perfection and a side of red wine is a classy way to dine.

Jack Daniels Whiskey with a rack of ribs

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