Essential BBQ Checklist For Your Next Cookout

Planning a barbecue may seem like a boatload of fun, but it can be incredibly stressful on the host, especially if said host is unprepared. It’s important to make sure everyone is happy and fed, but it’s just as important for the host to have fun! Putting together a BBQ checklist ahead of time can help take the stress out of the equation.


Lettuce, onions, pickles, sauerkraut, potato salad, and other side dishes and toppings will make guests happy with minimal added effort - a huge plus for the host!

Garbage Bags
Heavy duty nylon bags always come in handy. You’re gonna need them! And even if you don’t use all of them, it doesn’t hurt to have them around the house (especially for your next cookout).

There’s no such thing as “too many napkins”. You need them handy when someone spills their drink or enjoys your finger-licking-good recipes!

Bug Spray
The only way to avoid those annoying bug bites is to stay indoors — and who wants to do that? The whole point of a BBQ is to spend time outdoors! So keep that bug spray ready for use.

Bottle/Can Opener
If you aren’t an avid drinker, this is an easy one to forget. Accommodate your guests that do enjoy the occasional adult beverage and keep a bottle and wine opener within reach.

Aluminum Foil
You don’t miss aluminum foil until you realize you need it. Foil comes in handy when preparing certain dishes like ribs and corn on the cob, it helps make cleaning easier, keeping leftovers, and more.

Here’s another thing you can’t have enough of. They’re cheap, so stock up! As you master the art of grilling, you’ll want more plates and cups to make sure guests come back for seconds and thirds.

Variety of Condiments
Although ketchup is a staple at any cookout, it’s not the only condiment you should have. Add mayo, mustard, relish, and diced onions your menu so the picky eater isn’t stuck eating dry meat.

Cards or board games will keep the guests entertained while you're grilling. If you have a nice TV setup, throw a game or a classic movie on to keep them occupied. We also recommend setting a playlist based on your guests’ preferences beforehand, so all you have to do is hit the 'play' button, allowing you to focus on your grilling!

Meal Preferences
Try to accommodate your guests' meal preferences. Some may be allergic to certain food groups or have other dietary restrictions. Be mindful of guests who are vegetarians, vegans or only eat gluten-free items.