Hot Off the Grill

Let’s face it, meat is the way to every “sane” person’s heart. I mean, we’re meat lovers ourselves. From New York Steaks, to tri-tip to baby back ribs, we do not doubt the power of the grill when come to barbecuing these hunks of deliciousness. However, Meat isn’t the only thing you can throw on the grill.

In fact, there are several foods that can be grilled on the barbecue. Shocked? We were too. Who would have ever thought we could grill watermelon? Or even pumpkin pie? We have to admit, we’re quite fascinated by the wide range of goodies added to our list that we couldn’t keep it a secret. We have the in on some suggestions you can use at your next backyard barbecue to impress all of your friends. Keep scrolling to see the many different foods you can potentially get to grillin’.

Pumpkin Pie






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