How to Clean your Fuego Grill

What you’ll need:

  • Work gloves
  • Dish soap
  • Foil
  • Paper towels
  • Grill brush
  • Bucket
  • Stainless-steel wipes


  1. Make sure that all dials are off. While the grill is still slightly warm, turn off & unplug the propane tank.
  2. Remove or lift the lid and with a grill brush, scrub the underside.
  3. While wearing work gloves, remove the grates and diffuser panel. Place them in a bucket of hot water mixed with dish soap.
  4. We recommend covering the round burners with a piece of foil to protect them. Then use the grill brush to scrub the inside walls above the elements. Wipe the walls with a damp paper towel. If you have the Professional F24C model, remove the heat reflector and submerge in the bucket. Remove the drip pan and turn it upside down over a trash can to empty it. Drop the pan into the bucket to soak.
  5. Take everything out of the bucket. Lean the grates and drip pan on a wall or ledge, scrub them with the grill brush & then spray with a hose to rinse.
  6. Throw away the foil and wipe the heating elements with the grill brush. Replace the diffuser panel and grates. Replace the drip pan and heat reflector as well for the Professional F24C model back into the grill.
  7. Grab a few stainless steel wipes and clean the grill’s exterior and the inside of the propane door.

Reconnect the propane tank and you're all set to get back into grilling mode!

We highly recommend protecting your grill with an outdoor cover when not in use. We have outdoor covers available for both Element and Professional models on our website.

Diffuser panels last up to 2-3 years depending on use. To purchase a replacement, please visit

If you have any questions, contact us at (888)883-8346 or