How to Tell If Your Propane Tank is Empty

You can’t cook a delicious steak on a Fuego grill with an empty propane tank! There are multiple avenues you can explore to find out when it’s time to fill ‘er up.

1. GasWatch Bluetooth Propane Level Indicator

This nifty gadget is one of the best grilling tools you’ll find. This propane level indicator will link to your smartphone through an app and let you know when you are running low. What a time to be alive, huh?

2. The Water Trick

If you are more of the DIY type, this trick will help you decipher your propane level while also impressing your friends with your MacGyver-level life hacking skills.

This YouTube video explains it best, but the basics are that you simply pour hot water down the side of the tank and search for the cool spot. Once you feel the cool spot, you’ll know where the top of your propane level is. It really is like magic!

3. Weigh It

It’s not as fun as the first two methods, but sometimes the old school approach is best! Many propane tanks used for grills weigh around 17 pounds when empty and hold about 20 pounds of propane.

Your tank will have a few numbers on it, including the water capacity (WC) and the weight of the empty propane tank (TW). If you weigh your 17-pound empty tank and the scale registers it at 25 pounds, then you have 8 pounds of propane left.