Maximum Grill Performance

One of the many features that our customers love about Fuego is the power within the grill. The overall temperatures of our Element and Professional models range from 300°F - 650°F. More importantly, our grills have the ability to cook over direct and indirect heat with the dual zone burners. To achieve these results, it’s important to understand how the control knob works.

Getting Started

Before you turn your grill on, make sure the grill lid is open and that the regulator is securely installed to the propane tank. Turn on the gas on your propane tank, then set your control knob dial to the start position. Push the electric igniter to start the flame and close the lid. Because Fuego grills can heat up to 500°F in just minutes, you’ll be grilling in no time.

Indirect Grilling

For low and slow cooking, like tri-tip, you’ll want to set your grill to indirect heat. This feature can be found on the left side of the knob, and you can control the temperature ranging from low to high as shown in Figure 1.

Direct Grilling

When you’re grilling burgers and steak, you’ll want to cook over direct heat so keep the control knob pointed at the 12 o’clock position, pointing at the “start” label. To control the temperature over direct heat, use the low to high range on the right side of the knob as shown in Figure 1.

Fuego Control Knob

Figure 1

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