Top 5 Grilling Spices For Your Meats

May 24, 2018

Top 5 Grilling Spices For Your Meats

Even the best steak, ribs, and chicken in the world will come out bland if you don’t use the proper grilling spices. Not even Fuego grills can save them! Grilling spices aren’t just for one type of meat. No matter what you plan on slapping on your Fuego grill, there’s a spice out there for you.

1. McCormick Maple Dry Rub

Sometimes the easiest option is the best choice. McCormick can be found everywhere, and its classic maple, brown sugar, molasses and orange zest combo works great on salmon, chicken, or pretty much anything else.

2. Caribeque

The flavors that burst from these seasoning and rubs will take you to the Caribbean islands. From Island Thyme to Calypso Kick, it will instantly liven up your meals. They even have a variety of sauces that you can use for chicken wings, dipping and sandwiches.

3. Laguna Salt Company Handcrafted Sea Salt

Too much of a grilling spice can overpower the meat and steal the show. This milder rub consisting of hints of celery seed, lemon, and paprika will give your steaks just enough of a push to allow the natural flavors to shine brightly.

4. Rub With Love Salmon Rub

This one is a no-brainer. Perfect for when you want to throw seafood on the grill!

5. Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub

The name says it all. There’s depth of flavor here for everyone, no matter what grilled meats you throw this on.