Igniter Wire w/ Electrode (Element & Professional)


Fits Models:

  • F21C
  • F21S
  • F24C
  • FELG21C
  • FELG21S
  • FENG21S

Customer Reviews

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Thomas Sichko

Igniter Wire w/ Electrode (Element & Professional)

Walter Platt

Easy to install with exception to removing the fastener. Don’t waste time with Liquid Wrench and a screwdriver. Drill the screw out in seconds.
The electrode and wire rebuild kit should include a new fastener

Christopher Spivey
Replacement igniter wire w/ electrode

The replacement was a reasonable price and was quite easy to install. A suggestion would be to add a replacement screw in the package for the attachment of the igniter as ours was stuck hard and stripped a bit getting it loose. Liquid wrench did the job though. This is our second replacement of the igniter wire with electrode. I feel the wire maybe could be more substantial and the flexible woven sleeve that protects it while fireproof, the sleeve is not quite enough protection. Possibly running the wire in the sleeve into an added woven stainless steel sleeve would help. I confess, both times we needed a replacement were times when we neglected to turn the control knob away from start mode to the single or double burner mode after igniting the gas burner pipes. So in Start mode the flame is incredibly hot. So much so that the heat shield under the grill and the grill itself were turning a red color. We got some great grill marks that time! Now the 2 people who grill in this family have made this error. I would say I like to think this is our last igniter wire, we just need to stay with the unit while it is on and turn it down after starting. We love the Fuego Element as it is the best grill we ever had – we just need to work on the human factor.

Francisco Enriquez

The best replacement, perfect fit 👌

Randy Wilkerson