Fuego F36S 304SS Gas Grill (2019)

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  • All 304 SS Gas Grill with lifetime warranty on stainless steel; five year warranty for burners & diffusers; one year warranty on ignition system.
  • 865 sq. in. of total grilling area with 685 sq. in. of main grilling space.
  • 60,000 BTU/hr. combined from 20,000 BTU/hr. triple U-Shaped burners – cooks like a six (6) burner grill.
  • 500F in just 5 minutes and temps from 250F-650F overall.
  • Easy to clean drop through residue removal system allows for grease to drop straight through to the residue tray.
  • Recessed folding shelves to minimize the footprint, maximize the grilling surface area and maintain its sleek design.
  • Compact 36” x 24” footprint (lid / shelves closed) perfect for small patio/balcony or poolside locations.
  • Electronic ignition
  • Fully assembled packaging for easy setup in less than 20 minutes
  • Completely welded firebox with brushed stainless steel finish
  • Optional “White Glove” delivery service available for additional cost

Fuego F36S

Introducing our new Fuego F36S All 304SS Gas Grill. The Fuego F36S is a true 36” wide gas grill that boasts nearly 700 sq in of main grilling. Our unique design maximizes grilling space while minimizing the footprint, leaving you more room for… we will let you decide. Did we mention the price tag is a fraction the cost of the other leading “Premium” gas grill brands. Head on down the page to learn more about the newest member of the Fuego family.

All 304SS

Just like its little brother, the F36S in made up of all 304SS. We do however have a few exceptions on the grill, which we are happy to share with you on the list below:
  • Ignition System
  • Red Logo Plate (Zinc)
  • Shelf Handles (Plastic)
  • Control Valves / Valve Manifold
  • Lid Bumpers (Silicon)
  • Wheels (Non-Marking Rubber)
  • Gas Hose / Regulator
  • Door Magnets / Door Magnet Catch (430 SS)
  • Black Control Knob Base (Zinc)
Doubtful the competition will share their “black” list ;) !!

Party of 20??? No Problem

With one of the largest, if not THE largest, main grilling area of any 36” wide gas grill you will have no problem cooking for the masses. Don’t worry, it cooks great with only one burner on as well for those more intimate occasions. Our 8mm solid 304 SS cooking grates heat up hot and even to provide amazing sear marks just the way you like them.

865 sq in total grilling area.

  • 685 sq in primary grilling area
  • 180 sq in warming rack

Triple U-Shaped Burners

The F36S is powered by three 20,000 BTU/hr. burners for a total output of 60,000 BTU/hr. Plenty of heat for the massive firebox cooking area.

The Triple U-Shaped burners look and act like a six (6) burner grill as shown in the attached imaged. This design allows the heat to be evenly distributed throughout the firebox, thus helping to minimize hotspots.

As with all of our grills it heats up to 500F in just 5 minutes and maintains temperatures from 250F-650F.

Concealed Drop Through Residue Tray

When designing the grill, we thought how can we make our face as clean as possible?? One contributing factor was to hide the drip tray behind the doors. The residue tray remains fully accessible as needed to clean by simply opening the double doors below the control panel. When not needed it remains tucked away out of site.

Sleek Side Shelves

The side panels and side shelves received the same treatment as our face. We eliminated the bulbous front end seen on all other grills and continued that through to the side panels. They sit nicely tucked away until you need them.

Since the shelves are recessed, our 36” grill offers more grilling surface in less floor space than competing smaller 30”-34” grills and equal grilling space with much smaller footprint compared to competing 36” grills.

Don’t let the size of the shelves fool you. They are built to support over 25 lbs per shelf which is probably more food than you would ever try to grill at once.

Fully Assembled Packaging

The Fuego F36S comes fully assembled. All you need to do is remove the packing material then place the three diffuser panels and three cooking grates in position. We do recommend two people for lifting the grill off the recyclable shipping pallet.

Please watch the video on the left
If you have additional questions, our user manual can be downloaded here.

How the Fuego F36S stacks up against other grills:

Model Price Material Primary Cooking Area Warming Rack Total Grilling BTU/hr Burners Width (Shelf Down) Depth (Lid Closed) Height
Fuego F36S $1,999 304 SS 685 sq in 180 sq in 865 sq in 60,000 3 36” 24” 49”
Lynx Sedona 36” $4,000 201 SS 618 sq in 273 sq in 891 sq in 69,000 3 40“ 25“ 49“
American Outdoor Grill 36“ $2,639 304 SS 648 sq in 181 sq in 829 sq in 50,000 3 42“ 25“ 48“
Blaze 34“ $2,062.48 304 SS 417 sq in 141 sq in 588 sq in 42,000 3 40“ 28“ 49“
Fire Magic C540s 30“ $3,673 304 SS 540 sq in 273 sq in 780 sq in 60,000 3 36“ 24“ 48“