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Fuego Element F21C

  • Designed by Robert Brunner, former chief of design at Apple & designer of Beats by Dre
  • Compact 21″ x 21″ footprint, perfect for small patio/balcony
  • Assembly time of less than 30 mins with the use of only 14 screws
  • Reaching temps of 500F in just 5 mins with overall range of 300F-650F 
  • 21,000 BTU/hr. dual zone burner system for direct and indirect grilling
  • 346 sq. in. cooking surface provides space to grill 12 quarter-pound (4 1/2″ dia.) burgers, enough space for a family of four or a small party
  • Push button electronic ignition system
  • Featuring hinged tank storage access door, easy roll mobility, built-in lid thermometer & easy clean residue tray
  • Our 15-lb. porcelain-enamel cast iron grate provides a massive heat sink producing amazing sear marks

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Award Winning Design

Fuego Element is the brainchild of visionary industrial designer, Robert Brunner, former chief of design at Apple and designer of Beats by Dr. Dre headsets. Just like the aforementioned brands, we see things a little bit differently than the rest. From design to performance the Fuego Element is like no other grill on the market.

Gets Hot Faster

Why win the BTU war when “Time to Temperature” is what really matters? Heating to temps of 500F in just 5 minutes and 650F max, the Fuego F21C “Time to Temperature” test never disappoints. Cleverly engineered, the F21C achieves this performance with a fuel efficient 21,000 BTU/hr burner. Minimizing fuel use also means less air flow required for combustion allowing your favorite foods to retain more moisture.

Balanced Heat

Our concentric circle dual ring burner paired with our 15 lb cast iron grate (yes the mass matters) is perfectly balanced to ensure no “hot spots” for perfect sear marks anywhere on the grill. Dual zone capabilities allow for the best of both indirect low and slow cooking or direct fast and hot grilling.

Zone 1 Indirect: 15,000 BTU/hr

Cook low and slow with indirect heat

Zone 1+ Zone 2: 15,000 BTU/hr + 6,000 BTU/hr = 21,000 BTU/hr

Uniform temperature and up to 650F direct heat for searing steaks & seafood

Larger Than It Looks

Surface area matters, we get it, but what do the numbers really mean? We boast a 346 square inch porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grate that easily cooks for a family of 4. How about 14 burgers (4 1/2” dia. 1/4 lb) at once for those larger gatherings. Our heavy duty grate weighs in at over 15 lbs. It provides a massive heat sink ensuring amazing sear marks from any spot on the grill.

Good Things Come In Small Packages

In an industry that is fueled by the “size matters” argument, the Fuego Element, set out to be a leader in the “efficiency of space” movement. Our grills small physical footprint fits into a space about the size of a patio chair (21” x 21”) while your last grill was probably the size of the table. All this while sacrificing nothing in cooking area. See how we stack up against the competition on the chart below.

How the Fuego Element stacks up against other grills:

Model Price Primary Cooking(surface area) Burners BTU/hr Width(assembled) Depth(assembled) Height(assembled) Footprint(surface area)
Fuego Element $299 346 sq. in. 2 21,000 21” 21” 46” 441 sq. in.
Weber Spirit E-210 $399 360 sq. in. 2 26,500 50” 32“ 60“ 1,600 sq. in.
Weber Q 3200 $399 390 sq. in. 2 21,700 51” 30” 55” 1,515 sq. in.
Charbroil Professional 2 Burner $329 325 sq. in. 2 20,000 47” 23” 46” 1,081 sq. in.

Data obtained from Weber.com and Amazon.com

Hinged Door Propane Tank Storage

Fuego Element's smart design means better design. With its pivoting door and magnetic latch you can easily access the propane tank for everyday use or when it's time to replace it.


Our Fuego Element Grill goes together with only 14 screws, making assembly a breeze. Using only a Phillips head screw driver your grill will be assembled in less than 30 minutes.


Got wheels will travel. One of the Fuego Element's quiet features is its mobility. You can easily move the grill from one side of your deck or backyard to the other. The 21” wide base prevents the grill from tipping. The two locking wheels keep the grill stable. Be smart. Never move the grill while it's hot.

Easy-To-Clean Residue Tray

Keep your grill clean with Fuego Element's ample and easy-to-clean residue tray. The easy-to-access residue tray collects and captures runoff grease from the diffuser panel and fire box. The grease residue is safely stored below the fire box. Simply pull the tray handle, clean the residue tray and return when you’re ready to start grilling again.