Fuego F36S 304SS Gas Grill (2021)

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  • All 304 SS Gas Grill with lifetime warranty on stainless steel; five year warranty for burners & diffusers; one year warranty on ignition system.
  • 865 sq. in. of total grilling area with 685 sq. in. of main grilling space.
  • 60,000 BTU/hr. combined from 20,000 BTU/hr. triple U-Shaped burners.
  • 500F in just 5 minutes and temps from 250F-650F overall.
  • Easy to clean drop through residue removal system allows for grease to drop straight through to the residue tray.
  • Recessed folding shelves to minimize the footprint, maximize the grilling surface area and maintain its sleek design.
  • Compact 36” x 24” footprint (lid / shelves closed) perfect for small patio/balcony or poolside locations.
  • Fully assembled packaging for easy setup in less than 20 minutes
  • Completely welded firebox with brushed stainless steel finish

                Customer Reviews

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                1 month in w/ F36 and it's Fantastic!
                Good quality
                Great grill ... almost perfect
                Definitely worth the price

                HIDDEN DROP
                RESIDUE TRAY

                When designing the grill, we thought how can we make our face as clean as possible?? One cnontributin factor was to hide the drip tray behind the doors. The residue tray remains fully accessible as needed to clean by simply opening the double doors below the control panel. When not needed it remains tucked away out of site.

                RECESSED FOLDING
                SIDE SHELVES

                The side panels and side shelves received the same treatment as our face.We eliminated the bulbous front end seen on all other grills and contiuned that through to the side panels. They sit nicely tucked away until you need them.

                Since the shelves are recessed, our 27" grill offers more grilling space in a smaller footprint then smaller with 24"-27" girlls.Similarly it offers equally as much grilling area as larger 30" grills wit5h a much smaller footprint.

                Dont't let the size of the shelves fool you. They are built to support over 25 lbs per shelf which is more than enough to support your largest platter of food.