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    Fuego Element Hinged F21C-H
    Our Fuego Element grill achieves 500°F in 5 minutes, with temps up to 650°F. It features a unique 45-degree hinged lid and 346 sq in grilling surface. Effortless assembly, easy cleaning, and unrivaled grilling performance in a compact design.
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    Fuego Professional F24C
    With 525 sq. in. grilling space and 26,500 BTU/hr. dual-zone burner, it hits 500°F in 5 mins. It’s compact design and easy assembly are ideal for small spaces. Our hinged lid feature and easy-clean residue removal system ensures hassle-free grilling every time.
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    Fuego F36S-Pro 304SS Gas Grill
    Our F36S Pro offers a total grilling area of 865 sq. for versatile cooking with recessed side shelves, an easy-to-clean residue tray, electronic ignition, and interior halogen lights for added convenience. Customize your grilling experience with optional accessories like a griddle plate, rotisserie kit, and charcoal tray.
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    Fuego F36S 304SS Gas Grill
    Cook with 865 sq. in. of total grilling area powered by 60,000 BTU/hr. from triple U-shaped burners. Featuring recessed folding shelves, an easy-to-clean drop-through residue removal system, and a compact 36” x 24” footprint, it's perfect for any outdoor space.
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    Fuego F27S 304SS Gas Grill
    Introducing our premium gas grill: 645 sq. in. of grilling space, 40,000 BTU/hr., and rapid 500°F heat-up in 5 mins. With a lifetime warranty on stainless steel, easy cleaning, and a sleek design, it's perfect for any outdoor space.
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    Fuego F27S 304SS Gas Griddle
    Featuring 400 sq. in. of total grilling area and crafted from durable 304 stainless steel with a limited lifetime warranty, it cooks like a 4-burner griddle. Effortlessly clean with a residue tray, and enjoy the convenience of electronic ignition with a battery.
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    Fuego F36S-Pro 304SS Built-In
    Our Pro built-in delivers unparalleled performance with 72,500 BTU/hr combined output, including a rear rotisserie burner, and a spacious 865 sq. in. total grilling area. Crafted with premium 304SS and equipped with interior halogen lights, it's built to last.
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    Fuego F36S 304SS Built-In
    Our top-of-the-line F36S Built-In boasts 60,000 BTU/hr triple U-shaped burners and a spacious 865 sq. in. grilling area, heating to 500°F in just 5 minutes with an easy-to-clean residue tray.
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    Fuego F27S 304SS Built-In
    Our 40,000 BTU/hr dual U-shaped burners power up a spacious 645 sq. in. grilling area, heating to 500°F in just 5 minutes. Optional griddle plate & charcoal tray available for endless culinary adventures!
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    Fuego F27S-Griddle 304SS Built-In
    With 40,000 BTU/hr combined dual U-shaped burners, it offers a spacious 400 sq. in. grilling area and an 8mm solid 304SS griddle top. It achieves 400°F in 5 minutes with a temperature range from 250°F to 500°F. Perfect for cooking like a 4-burner griddle.
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    Fuego F27S 304SS Pizza Oven
    Experience precision and versatility with a wide temperature range of 250°F to 750°F. Featuring a generous 400 sq. in. cooking area and quick 20-minute preheating, it's equipped. Built to countertop dimension specs, it is the perfect addition to any outdoor kitchen.
    $1,999.00 $2,999.00
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    F27S-Pizza Oven with Cart
    F27S-Pizza | FCAB-06
    $3,448.00 $4,698.00
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    Built-In Package #1
    F27S-B | F27S-Door
  • Built-In Package #2
    F27S-Griddle-B | F27S-Door
  • Built-In Package #3
    F36S-B | F36S-Door
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    Built-In Package #4
    F36S-Pro-B | F36S-Door
  • Built-In Package #5
    F27S-B | F27S-Griddle-B | F27S-Door | F27S-Door
  • Built-In Package #6
    F36S-B | F27S-Griddle-B | F27S-Door | F36S-Door
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    Built In Package #7
    F36S-B | F27S-Griddle-B | F27S-Door | F36S-Door
  • Built-In Package #8
    F27S-B | F27S-Pizza | F27S-Door
  • Built-In Package #9
    F36S-B | F27S-Pizza | F36S-Door
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    Built-In Package #10
    F36S-Pro-B | F27S-Pizza | F36S-Door
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    Built In Package #11
    F27S-B | F27S-Griddle-B | F27S-Pizza | F27S-Door | F27S-Door
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    Built In Package #12
    F36S-B | F27S-Griddle-B | F27S-Pizza | F27S-Door | F36S-Door
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    Built In Package #13
    F36S-Pro-B | F27S-Griddle-B | F27S-Pizza | F27S-Door | F36S-Door

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