Fuego Element Hinged F21C-H

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fuego element hinged f21c | fuego element carbon steel gas grill | f21 c gas grills | hinged grill | gas griller machine
Fuego Element Hinged F21C-H
Fuego Element Hinged F21C-H
Fuego Element Hinged F21C-H
Fuego Element Hinged F21C-H
Fuego Element Hinged F21C-H
Fuego Element Hinged F21C-H

Fuego Element Hinged F21C-H

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  • New (May 2020) Porcelain Enamel Lid to eliminate paint peeling and bubbling issues.
  • New 45 degree hinged lid design to prevent reaching over the hot fire and no more handling of the lid.
  • Upgraded 22,000 BTU/hr. dual zone burner system for direct and indirect grilling
  • 346 sq in grilling surface with option griddle and pizza stone kit. Good for over 12 burgers at once.
  • New easy to clean drop through residue removal system allows for grease to drop straight through to the residue tray.
  • 500F in just 5 minutes and temps up to 650F overall.
  • Perfect clasp door close system with hinged propane tank storage door to prevent rattles.
  • Compact 21" x 21" (lid closed) footprint perfect for the small patio/balcony
  • Easily assembly in less than 30 mins
  • Electronic ignition


User Manual

Spec Sheet

Award Winning Design

Large Grilling Area


The product comes complete with everything needed for traditional grilling (except the propane tank or natural gas connection). Assembly time of less than 30 minutes will have your grill setup and grilling your first meal in less time than it takes to just assemble other grills.

Griddle Top

We offer an optional griddle top to convert your grill into a griddle station. The griddle plate is made from porcelain enamel coated cast iron. Our griddle weighs nearly 20 lbs. so is built to last and offers amazing searing and heat retention.

Pizza Oven

Pizza is all the rave these days. Our pizza oven conversion is easy to swap out and will cook a pizza in less than 5 minutes. As the grill is cylindrical there is no need to rotate the pizza. Simply place the pizza on the stone after preheat, close the lid and set your timer.

Why pay upwards of $500+ for a pizza oven that you will only use a handful of times each year when you can get all three for the price of one of the other specialty appliances.

Hidden Propane Tank Storage

Easy To Clean Residue Tray

Gets Hot Faster

Why win the BTU war when "Time to Temperature" is what really matters. Heating to temps of 500F in just 5 minutes and 650F max, the Fuego Element "Time to Temperature" test never disappoints.

Cleverly engineered, the Fuego Element achieves this performance with a fuel efficient 22,000 BTU/hr burner. Minimizing fuel use also means less air flow required for combustion allowing your favorite foods to maintain more moisture. 

Dual Zone Grilling

Our concentric circle dual ring burner paired with our 15 lb. cast iron gate is perfectly balanced to ensure no "hot spots" for perfect sear marks anywhere on the grill.

Dual zone capabilities allow for the best of both indirect low and slow cooking or direct fast and hot grilling.

Zone 1 indirect: 15,000 BTU/hr Cook low and slow with indirect heat.

Zone 1+Zone 2 Direct: 15,000 BTU/hr+ 7,000 BTU/hr = 22,000 BTU/hr

Uniform temperature and up to 650F direct heat for searing steaks & seafood. 

Mobile Friendly

One of the Fuego Element's quiet features is its mobility. Its four non-making industrial casters ensuring a smooth and stable roll while moving your grill around your deck or patio.

The two locking wheels and its 21" wide wheel base keep the grill stable when use. Be smart, never move the grill while it's hot. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 454 reviews
Great Grill

I bought the Element F21C-H and the outdoor cover after reading reviews for the best gas grills for 2023. Besides being well designed and compact, most important to me is that it really does cooks great. First test were two skirt steaks. Perfect char/grill marks on both sides, and just slightly less than medium rare. Second test marinated chicken breasts. Third was a cedar plank salmon fillet - perfect! Having the control of the inside and outside burners or the outside burner alone produced perfect grill marks on the chicken breasts with both burners, and properly cooked, juicy tender and tasty chicken with the outside burner alone. In short I think the concentric ring burners work much better than straight parallel burners, and the cooking grate is at the perfect height above the burners. Assembly is not difficult (watch the video!). If you don't already have a long (14 + inch) crosspoint screw driver get one. Assembly is easier and it will be useful for many other things around the house. The footprint of the grill is compact and perfect if space is limited. Fuego Customer Service is the best I've dealt with for many years. There was a small issue with one of the pieces of the grill when I was assembling it. I contacted the Fuego Team with all the information requested on the Fuego website. In less than a day customer service contacted me back, and had a replacement part already on its way to me. In addition to being fast and efficient to my request, the Fuego Team was very polite and courteous. If you're in the market for a new gas grill I honestly don't think you should look and further than Fuego. Let's face it the whole idea for a gas grill is the ability to spontaneously decide to cook outdoors when the weather and menu permit. If you're like me you probably prefer to purchase items not foreign made particularly from east Pacific countries. However you might consider making an exception for this Fuego Element grill.

Gerald Lovell


Don Kyle
The perfect empty nest grill.

I've had a Fuego 21 for about 6 years, took it to our river place and bought the 21 hinged for home. At 72 years old I've had numerous gas grills over the years and never bought a second by the same manufacturer and same style until now. Heats up fast, can sear a good steak or slow cook chicken wings, and anything in between. Why go elsewhere.

Robert Epperson
Perfect grill design!

The best of material and workmanship!! High quality in every piece and packaged with care for the customer. Documentation very complete.

John Blom
So Far i love my 21" But have a Question. What is the best way to do a Rack of Ribs?

Great Quality Grill. Was easy to Assemble.