Fuego F27S 304SS Gas Grill (2021)

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  • All 304SS Gas Grill with lifetime warranty on stainless steel; five year warranty for burners & diffusers; one year warranty on ignition system.
  • 645 sq. in. of total grilling area with 510 sq. in. of main grilling space.
  • 40,000 BTU/hr. combined from 20,000 BTU/hr. dual U-Shaped burners
  • 500F in just 5 minutes and temps from 250F-650F overall.
  • Easy to clean drop through residue removal system allows for grease to drop straight through to the residue tray.
  • Recessed folding shelves to minimize the footprint, maximize the grilling surface area and maintain its sleek design.
  • Compact 27” x 24” footprint (lid / shelves closed) perfect for small patio/balcony or poolside locations.
  • Electronic ignition
  • Fully assembled packaging for easy setup in less than 20 minutes
  • Completely welded firebox with brushed #4 stainless steel finish

    fuego f27s freestanding gas grill

    All 304 SS

    You might see this price tag and think its too good to be true. Think again. We will be honest though, a few of our components are not 304SS, simply because they can’t be. Here is the list:

    • Ignition System
    • Red Logo Plate (Zinc)
    • Shelf Handles (Plastic)
    • Control Valves / Valve Manifold
    • Lid Bumpers (Silicon)
    • Wheels (Non-Marking Rubber)
    • Gas Hose / Regulator
    • Door Magnets / Door Magnet Catch (430 SS)
    • Black Control Knob Base (Zinc)

    Good luck getting that info from the competition ;) !!

    Large Grilling Surface... Compact Footprint

    At only 27” wide with the shelves down (more about our recessed shelves below) the F27S grill maximizes grilling area. With a combined grilling area of 645 sq. in., you can easily fire up the grill for the neighborhood gathering or your family of any size

    645 sq in total grilling area.

    • 510 sq in primary grilling area
    • 135 sq in warming rack

    Optional accessories including a cast iron griddle plate, pizza stone kit and cast iron grate kit.

    Powerful Engine

    Our dual U-shaped burner system delivers balanced heat beneath the heavy duty 8mm solid stainless steel grates preventing “hot spots”. The F27S is powered by two 20,000 BTU/hr. burners for a total output of 40,000 BTU/hr.

    As shown in the adjacent photo, our dual U- shaped burners look and act like a 4 burner grill. This gives the balance and uniform heat you are looking for in a premium gas grill. Our 304SS burners and their 304SS diffusers come with a five year warranty.

    As with all of our grills it heats up to 500F in just 5 minutes and maintains temperatures from 250F-650F.

    Incredible Versatility

    With the new addition our our Griddle Plate and Charcoal Tray, the F27S grill is now more versatile than ever. Simply swap out the grate or diffuser and you are able to whip up exciting new creations that most gas grills would only dream of.

    Easy Installation

    The Fuego F27S comes fully assembled. All you need to do is remove the packing material then place the two diffuser panels, two cooking grates and warming rack in position. We do recommend two people for lifting the grill off the recyclable shipping pallet.

    Please watch the video on the right >>>

    If you have additional questions, our user manual can be downloaded in our support section.

    Hidden Drop-Through Residue Tray

    When designing the grill, we thought how can we make our face as clean as possible?? One contributing factor was to hide the drip tray behind the doors. The residue tray remains fully accessible as needed to clean by simply opening the double doors below the control panel. When not needed it remains tucked away out of site.

    Recessed Folding Side Shelves

    The side panels and side shelves received the same treatment as our face. We eliminated the bulbous front end seen on all other grills and continued that through to the side panels. They sit nicely tucked away until you need them.

    Since the shelves are recessed, our 27” grill offers more grilling space in a smaller footprint than smaller with 24”-27” grills. Similarly it offers equally as much grilling area as larger 30” grills with a much smaller footprint.

    Don’t let the size of the shelves fool you. They are built to support over 25 lbs per shelf which is more than enough to support your largest platter of food.

    Optional Accessories

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Great power, nice looking, a few problems

    This grill is visually stunning and so far has cooked very well. I also purchased the griddle plate which has been a great addition and provides a lot of functionality. Shipping (after delays) was easy and the unit came fully assembled which was very nice. I have two problems with this grill. First, the control knob system is poorly constructed. In fact, one fell off during shipping and wouldn't re-attach and the other was hanging on like a loose tooth. The extremely helpful customer service sent new knobs. One side is now completely fixed. The other knob still is flimsy, making me think it's the stem the knob attaches to. The grill still works great, but there is a bigger gap on one side compared to the other. The other issue I had was that one door is about an 1/8 of an inch higher than the other. Customer service told me to move the cage and it was a simple and easy fix. However, it keeps returning to the incorrect position, perhaps sliding down. I'm not sure there is an easy fix. Other than that, the grill has been great. It is heavy and appears it will last a long time. After sales support has truly been exceptional. It's rare to talk with someone who knows the product so well.

    DeWayne Fisher
    Grilling in Central Oregon

    Well our previous grill, different brand, lasted 11 years and then gave up;( After looking at all the options, listening to our son in law, we decided on this grill. We can’t be more happy with the grilling and quality of the product.

    We would highly recommend it. Looking forward to many great meals.

    Sally Dunbar
    Fabulous grill

    We have owned dozens of grills, but without the benefit of having a covered porch, they have always rusted out.
    This grill has high grade stainless steel everywhere! Even the (very wide!) drip drawer is stainless.
    The temperature gets stinkin hot in 5 minutes! We can now go from fridge to table in 20 minutes! ( we used to have to wait at least 20 for the old grill to get hot enough!)

    The 27” is sleek and streamlined. Not too big and has a very small footprint. However, the cooking surface is bigger than other brands we’ve owned. And the cooking grates a heavy solid stainless! A breeze to clean.
    It is worth every penny- and I know it will NOT be rusted out in a year or two!

    Paulo DaSilva

    Purchased the Fuego F27S 304SS Gas Grill (2020) and love it! Have been using it practically every day since its arrival along with the charcoal tray. The Fuego F27S arrived assembled and only required a propane tank and some charcoal to be fully operational. Highly recommend this grill as the quality and build are excellent! Only wish I had come across it earlier in the year.

    David's Review

    The f27 looks beautiful and heats fast. Probably the nicest one I've owned. The quality of the components seem quite high and fired up to about 610 degrees in 10 minutes. It arrived completely assembled, which is a fantastic bonus. The only suggestion is that the NG version requires a disassembly to make a relatively minor adjustment changing out the manifold. I feel for the moderately high price the dealer or company should make this change for you before shipping and ensure the fit and quality of the product. Granted it only needs to be done once, but it took 1.5 hours of carefully removing and placing the 'heavy' pieces down so they don't get damaged and reassembling. I'm looking forward to grilling pizza this weekend.