Fuego Professional F24C

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  • New (May 2020) Porcelain Enamel Lid to eliminate paint peeling and bubbling issues.
  • 525 sq. in. of grilling surface (415 sq. in. main / 110 sq. in. warming) with the ability to grill 20 quarter-pound (4 1/2" dia.) burgers at once
  • Compact 24" x 24" (lid closed) footprint perfect for a small patio/balcony is assembled in less than 30 minutes with the use of only 20 screws
  • Combined 26, 500 BTU/hr. dual zone burner system for direct and indirect grilling reaches 500F in just 5 minutes and 300F-650F overall temps.
  • Hinged 45-degree lid design to prevent reaching over the hot fire and easy to clean drop through residue removal system makes clean up a breeze
  • Featuring perfect clasp door close system, hinged propane tank storage door, non-marking industrial casters and electronic ignition.

The Fuego Professional Grill

The Fuego Professional Grill is based upon the original award winning Fuego Element design with added user friendly features. We started with the base design of the Fuego Element then thought about how to improve your cooking experience. The answers came from vast amounts of customer feedback and market research – the result is our latest model, the Fuego Professional Grill.

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Versatile 45° Hinged Lid Design

Speaking of the lid, we added hood hinges at a 45° angle, so no more reaching over the hot fire like most gas grills. The hood also acts nicely as a wind break for those open lid cooking days. Not to mention the 9” of grilling height below is perfect for a beer can chicken or three!!!

Generous Cooking Surface

Offering 415 square inches of primary grilling area with a 110 square inch stainless steel warming rack for a massive combined grilling area of 525 square inches. Large enough for cooking 20 (1/4 lb.) burgers at once.

Additionally our heavy duty grate weighs in at over 18 lbs. It provides a massive heat sink ensuring amazing sear marks from any spot on the grill.

Gets Hot Faster

Why win the BTU war when “Time to Temperature” is what really matters. Heating to temps of 500F in just 5 minutes and 650F max, the Fuego PRO “Time to Temperature” test never disappoints. Cleverly engineered, the PRO achieves this performance with a fuel efficient 26,500 BTU/hr burner. Minimizing fuel use also means less air flow required for combustion allowing your favorite foods to maintain more moisture.


This is quite possibly the easiest grill on the market to assemble next to our Fuego Element. With the use of less than 20 fasteners, the Fuego PRO can be put together in less than 30 mins with the use of only a Phillips head screw driver. From out of the box to grilling your first meal within an hour.


One of the Fuego Pro’s quiet features is its mobility. Its four non-marking industrial casters ensuring a smooth and stable roll while moving your grill around your deck or patio. The two locking wheels and its 21” wide wheel base keep the grill stable when in use. Be smart, never move the grill while it's hot.

Easy-To-Clean Residue Tray w/ Heat Reflector Panel

Keep your grill clean with the Fuego Pro’s simple and easy-to-clean residue tray. We removed an additional 100+ square inches of surface area from the bottom of the firebowl allowing the cooking debris to drop straight into the residue tray. The grease residue is safely stored below the fire box. Simply pull the tray handle, clean the residue tray and return when you’re ready to start grilling again. This new design makes cleanup a breeze.

Balanced Heat

Our concentric circle dual ring burner paired with our 15 lb cast iron grate is perfectly balanced to ensure no “hot spots” for perfect sear marks anywhere on the grill. Dual zone capabilities allow for the best of both indirect low and slow cooking or direct fast and hot grilling.

Zone 1 Indirect: 18,000 BTU/hr

Cook low and slow with indirect heat

Zone 1+ Zone 2 Direct: 18,000 BTU/hr + 8,500 BTU/hr = 26,500 BTU/hr

Uniform temperature and up to 650F direct heat for searing steaks & seafood

Hinged Door Propane Tank Storage

The Fuego Professional features a hinged access door to easily access the propane tank for everyday use and when it's time to replace it. We also added a perfect door clasp to keep the front panel closed securely, preventing those annoying rattles you hear on other grills.

How the Fuego Professional stacks up against other grills:

Model Price Primary Cooking Area Warming Surface Area Burners BTU/hr Width Depth Height Footprint Surface Area
Fuego PRO $499 415 sq. in. 110 sq. in. 2 26,500 24” 24” 56” 576 sq. in.
Weber Spirit E-210 $399 360 sq. in. 90 sq. in. 2 26,500 50” 32“ 60“ 1,600 sq. in.
Weber Spirit E-310 $499 424 sq. in. 105 sq. in. 3 32,000 52” 32“ 63“ 1,664 sq. in.
Weber Genesis II E-210 $599 380 sq. in. 110 sq. in. 2 26,500 47” 29” 45” 1,363 sq. in.

Data obtained from Weber.com and Amazon.com

Customer Reviews

Based on 191 reviews

I love this barbecue. Heats up quick. Grate cleans up very easily. Doesn’t flair up like my old one did. Drip tray is easy to remove and clean. And it looks very cool.

Great grill

Easy to use, like the way it functions and utilizes space

Just as advertised!

Still getting the hang of cooking time and the such. It’s easy to assemble, takes up little space and very well so far. No complaints and would recommend it to others.


I Have owned Many grills in my life. Charcoal, gas, propane, smokers ect. My Fuego Pro was the easiest grill I have ever assembled! 1 Phillips screw driver. I are you kidding me? Promote that Engineer! It was flawless in assembly. I grilled 2 fabulous 2" ribeyes and they were awesome. Temperatures came up Extremely fast and there were no hot and cold spots. I also got the griddle from my children from Christmas. I can't wait to try it. Unbelievable grill. Puts my Weber 7 burner to shame.

Exceeds Expectations

I am beyond satisfied with my purchase. Have used it twice so far and such an easy grill to set up, use and clean. Cooks food evenly and the cooking surface is definitely sufficient.