Professional Porcelain Enamel Cast-Iron Griddle

Professional Porcelain Enamel Cast-Iron Griddle

Professional Porcelain Enamel Cast-Iron Griddle

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  • 415 Sq. In.
  • Porcelain Enamel Coating


Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Heidi Frederick
Easy On / Easy Off / Use Often

I have used this grill more in the past week than I used my last one in the past year. Very fast to heat up and cooks things very evenly, unlike my last natural gas grill. This one heats like a convection oven and my meats come out very tender. I cooked my 1st pizza on it and it was just like a brick oven (with the pizza stone).

The only problem I have is that the top cover of the grill came with some cosmetic flaws. Normally I’m not very picky but since grills stay outside, I don’t want to top to start rusting where the protective paint is scratched/missing. I’ve called Fuego and left a voicemail and they have yet to return my call.

Two design improvements I’d suggest:
1) Add a slide/damper that could be used to open/close the holes on the top lid.
2) For those who convert from propane take to natural gas, would prefer to have a 1” factory-made hole in the lower back side panel that would allow the natural gas line to feed out, instead of under the grill. This way the base of the grill inside could be used for storage. Right now it’s a big hole.

Wooley Mammoth
Happy to have this great accessory!

Love the BIG, flat surface area (versus using a cast iron griddle with handle that would get in the way). I easily “seasoned” mine on both sides with Avocado oil, which makes it a non-stick surface. This griddle makes for an even more consistent temperature across its surface (more predictable results). I like that the heat entry ports are slightly raised up so that oil/juices don’t run off the edges.

Russ M
Must Have.For Pizza

The griddle is heavy and smooth. Heats evenly and makes superb pizza. I am no longer thinking of spending thousands more on a wood burning pizza oven. I can fit an extra large pie on the griddle and be done in 5 minutes. Bottom of pie is crisp while cheese is perfectly melted and crust is tender and airy. Very pleased with this purchase.

Mike Phillips
Love it

It's like two grills in one, a must for grilling burgers

Kevin C
Great Addition!!!

The griddle is a perfect addition to the grill. I’ve made a great pizza, burgers and chicken. Cleaning is easy … we’ll worth the money! Beware - the griddle is HEAVY!