Element Hinged F21C-H / F21S-H Outdoor Cover Black (2021)

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Element Hinged F21C-H / F21S-H Outdoor Cover Black (2021)

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Fits Fuego Element Hinged Model F21C-H Only

Customer Reviews

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Sheriff John
It Fits!

I first ordered a cover for the grill and it was just too small. Apparently there are two grills of the same small gender.
The new cover fits just fine. We have had the grill for at least two years and it is aging well. The paint on the top
finally cooked off and I used black engine paint to cover up the bald spot :). Top Tip, clean the grill more often and
you won't face a bunch of soot and mummified chicken bits like I have had to do. The grill is also great for frying
outside of the kitchen. It gets very hot. 500 plus degrees if you can trust the thermometer.

James Hauger
Propane to natural gas (not cover review)

I have had 3 Fuego Element grills and love them. The first 2 were propane. The last one I had to switch to natural gas. It was a pain because the igniter fell off in the switch and I had to find a welder to fix it. The instructions and for the conversion are not complete as is the video which makes it difficult. That is why this gets demoted.

William Gray
Generally excellent!

I like everything about this grill—great look, compact size, very fast up to temp, easy to use with new hood, cooks quickly, and more. The igniter is not my favorite, it is hard to get set up so it works, and hard to make work once set up, so I just bought an cheap electric lighter with a long adjustable neck. That works easily, every time.
Like anything, be aware you need some experience with it to get the best out of it. I learned it does not cook skewers of beef or chicken evenly if you place the skewers tips into center of grill and handles to the edge—the outside pieces will cook to brown very fast while the inner pieces will be just lightly cooked, so positioning skewers well is something to learn/be aware of. These are both minor but worth mentioning here as use tips.
One more thing worth mentioning is the cover. Be sure you order the one that fits the new style hood. I read online gripes about cover fit, but cover fit is no issue if the correct cover is ordered. Also, it will blow off in a wind if you don’t take reasonable precautions. We live where it can be windy, so I just got two cords and put one above and one below the stainless tray supports after the cover was on. This fix is very secure, and way better than any drawstring. Thanks for reading!

Stephen Elmore

Great grill, needs more flame control

Russell DiTusa
Fuego hinged grill cover

Good quality and perfect fit