Element Porcelain Enamel Cast-Iron Griddle

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    • 346 Sq. In.
    • Porcelain Enamel Coating
  • Fits Models Fuego Element 21" Grill Only


Customer Reviews

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It fits

It fits on my grill. That's important to me. It's a good quality cast iron product. I've started the seasoning process. I'll see how that goes.


Element Porcelain Enamel Cast-Iron Griddle


Quality part- works great!!


I was happy they sold a cast iron griddle. I used it and it warped while cooking. I am not happy with this product and will see if it is a fluke.

Very Useful

I searched long and hard for a cast-iron grill / griddle combination to use at home. There were lots of portable products, but not so much for home only. Cuisinart has a nice round griddle on wheels but it has no grill option. Several grills give you the option to replace one side of the grill with a rectangular steel griddle, but they are small and seemed to be an 'after thought'. Then I found the Fuego 21 where you can replace the entire grill with a griddle, and both are cast iron. Although Fuego tech support told me I don't need to season the griddle because it is porcelain coated, it would make it more non-stick, and seasoning would not harm it. I decided to season it because it is a little more rough than a typical cast iron skillet. If you purchase the griddle option, get some tools - like bottles for water and oil, some food-grade spatulas, and things to clean it with. The griddle heats up very quickly - I keep it at the minimum setting which is about 360 F. You can make a wicked breakfast on it - first the bacon, then use the bacon grease to cook hash browns, then throw on some eggs - plenty of space to cook for 4. If you need to feed more than 4, I'd look to the Fuego pro, as it is a couple inches larger in diameter. In all, I am super happy with the Fuego Element. It's well built, non-traditional design, fairly easy to clean, and sips Propane because it heats up fast and the cast iron holds heat longer than other metals.