Fuego Living Grill Accessories Gift Guide for Every Grill Master

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The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to spread joy to your favorite grill enthusiasts than with top-notch accessories from Fuego Living? Whether they're cooking up a storm on the Element, Professional, or Premium grills, we've got the perfect gifts to elevate their grilling experience.

Element & Professional Clip-On Side Shelf

Give the gift of convenience with the Element & Professional Clip-On Side Shelf. With a generous 100 sq in surface area and the ability to support up to 10lbs, this versatile shelf provides extra space for prep work, tools, or holding your favorite grilling essentials.

Grill Shelf

Pizza Stone Kit

Transform their grilling game with the Pizza Stone Kit. This set includes a 16" Pizza Stone, a Foldable Pizza Peel, and a Pizza Cutter, allowing them to create perfect, restaurant-quality pizzas right at home. Compatible with Element, Professional, and Premium grills.

pizza Kit

Fuego Digital Meat Thermometer

Ensure perfection in every cook with the Fuego Digital Meat Thermometer. Featuring an instant read time of 4-5 seconds, a convenient temperature chart on the back, and a battery included, this thermometer is a must-have for precision cooking on any Fuego grill model.

Fuego Premium Griddle Plate

Expand their culinary horizons with the Fuego Premium Griddle Plate. Made from high-quality 304 SS, this griddle plate offers 200 sq in of cooking surface, preheats in just 10 minutes, and is perfect for breakfast, veggies, stir fry, and tacos. Swap it out easily for the cooking grate on Element, Professional, and Premium grills.


Fuego Premium Charcoal Tray

For the ultimate searing and smoking experience, gift the Fuego Premium Charcoal Tray. Crafted from 304 SS, it includes a charcoal poker tool and can be swapped out for the diffuser panel. Charcoal lights in 15 minutes using the burner below as a starter, ensuring a quick and flavorful cooking process on Element, Professional, and Premium grills.

Charcoal tray

Fuego Premium Rotisserie Kit

Take their grilling adventures to the next level with the Fuego Premium Rotisserie Kit. Made from durable 304 SS, this kit includes mounting hardware for Fuego Premium Grills, installs easily with just two screws, and features a single-speed quiet motor. Perfect for poultry, kebabs, and roasts on F36S-Pro grills.

rotisserie kit

New Grill Covers

Ensure their F27S grill stays protected and stylish with the New Grill Covers. In a sophisticated Dark Gray/Heather Gray, these water-resistant covers feature a corner zipper for easy on/off and are made from new materials for 2023 durability. The perfect year-round accessory for Element, Professional, and Premium grills.

grill cover
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